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Small Hinges Swing a BIG Door

If you've met me in person, you have definitely heard me say "small hinges swing a big door"... so profound right? It is a saying that can be applicable to ANYTHING. Let's break it down...

1) You want to lose weight, or live a happier and healthier life - don't stress yourself with making HUGE changes in your life and diet, make a few "small" (targeted) changes, and that big door will swing open to reveal a happier, healthier life. Love eating meat, but feel the need to go vegan? Try Australian beef and lamb - lower fat, calories, environmentally responsible, higher nutrients, better flavor...

2) You want to get ahead in your career - don't look for greener grass, undermine your boss, move across the world, or sacrifice your life for your job, make a few "small" (targeted) changes, and that big door will swing open to opportunity you never dreamed of... a little hard work and focus never killed anyone, especially if you can make a game of it and have FUN too!

3) You want LOVE and romance - don't change who you are, what you look like, and what you want, make a few "small" (targeted) changes, and that big door will swing open the door to true self-love and gratitude, which in kind will open you up to the most amazing love ever. Change your perspective, not only on the world around you, and the people in it... but also the perspective on yourself.

Let's play the Small Hinges game and see what positive change we can elicit in our lives...

* Health challenge - eat clean for a week. Clean = no sugar, no processed foods, no wheat, no dairy, no soy, no fried foods, no prepackaged foods, no booze/wine. Just fresh organic fruits, veggies, lean protein and whole grains.

* Career challenge - have 2 meetings in a week with people who inspire you. Ask them what they see your strengths are, and ask them 5 questions about how they got to where they are... learn something new, allow yourself to be open to receiving praise, and dream BIG about what you want to feel at work.

* Love challenge - do 2 things to nurture yourself in a week. Sleep 7 or more hours a night, and do something that makes you feel your best - new outfit, get your hair done, exercise, etc. then go out with friends. Have fun. Feel good. Be attractive. Be yourself. Be happy.

What challenge do you take on this week? See what small hinges in your life swing the big door of positive change! Enjoy the journey, and don't stress.

Sending you love & yum,