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The MotherF*er Gene Mutations

Dude. You DON'T know about MTHFR?? Here's my story of how a horrible health diagnosis lead me to feeling the BEST I've ever felt IN MY LIFE...

2nd Hospitalization in 2017

Imagine you’ve just turned 36 and you get diagnosed with an auto immune disease that is causing hair loss, fever, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety and chronic pain. Now also imagine that you consider yourself one of the healthiest people you know! You eat clean, exercise, take vitamins & supplements, and live a relatively happy life with 3 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband and family… Finally, imagine that less than a year later you no longer had auto immune disease nor markers, AND felt better than you’d ever felt in your life. This is my story about what I lovingly call the MotherF*cker Gene Mutation.

Before I tell you all the dirty details about the MotherF*cker Gene Mutation, let me back up a little. 2016 and 2017 were rough years. I was physically assaulted, experienced a HUGE loss, and struggled to keep up with a piling up financial burden. So I didn’t think twice when a 2” x 2” clump of my beautiful hair fell out, and when I had a low-grade fever for 10 weeks, or when I could not get out of bed to spend time with my kids, or when I was hospitalized (three times) for crushing chest pain and put through months of doctors appointments.

Yes, I internalize my stress, sadness and anxiety, but I figured I’d deal with it eventually! After a handful of doctors, and a few courses of drugs – which ONLY treated my symptoms - I started freaking out. Am I REALLY sick? Did the stress trigger something? I need to find the cause ASAP!

So I set out on a journey to learn more about Auto Immune Disease. What I should eat. What are the symptoms, causes, cures? All of the information led me in two totally different directions:

1) I will need to be on anti-inflammatory drugs & steroids my whole life

2) Food and supplements can help cure me!

What would you choose to pursue? Yes, I chose door #2.

Now, you’d probably think that because I am a “chef” and have access to a plethora of doctors and holistic practitioners, that option #2 would be EASY for someone like me. But you’d be wrong. Really wrong!

After 3 months of clean eating and supplements I felt slightly better… but still not quite myself. I was referred to a local holistic doctor, Dr. Allan Warshowsky. After blood and urine testing, Dr. W called me back in for results. “You have BOTH(!!) MTHFR genetic mutations. Your lymphatic system, endocrine system and immune system are all shut down.” Okay… what?

I sat in Dr. W’s office for over 2 hours going over my diagnosis, and as he relayed the specifics of the MTHFR mutations and how they affect me, I inched closer and closer to the edge of my seat. Before he was done I felt like jumping up and screaming “THIS IS BEEN AFFECTING ME MY WHOLE LIFE!!! WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD OF THIS BEFORE TODAY??!?!?!”… This is truly the MotherF*cker Mutation!!

Okay, so what the heck is the MotherF*cker Genetic Mutation? Well, I’m still learning about it, and feel SO LUCKY I found Dr. W who was able to not only diagnose my exact issue, but also give me hope for healing and a PLAN for a way forward.

Here’s the jist of what I’ve learned:

  • MTHFR is an essential enzyme we all have in our bodies. It’s also a gene, called Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. Try saying that one out loud!

  • MTHFR, both the gene and enzyme work together to help the body detox.

  • Having 1 or both of the MTHFR mutations (reduces how effective the MTHFR enzyme is and makes it more difficult for the body to process and remove toxins.

MTHFR mutations cause an increases risk in the following conditions:

· heart disease, high blood pressure, preeclampsia

· stroke

· thyroid issues

· birth defects

· blood clots

· memory impairment

· cancer

· weakened immune system

· autoimmune diseases

· heavy metal toxin accumulation

· depression, anxiety, and mood disorders

· migraines

· insomnia

· fertility issues

· and MANY more

Having one or both MTHFR mutations does not a guarantee you will end up with one or more of the above issues. But it does increase your risk.

So, remember when I thought I was SUPER healthy by eating “clean” and taking supplements, well I was on the right track BUT took a major detour by poisoning myself with heavy metal fish, soy, and non-methyl supplements. This was exacerbated by the triggered and compacted stress, anxiety and depression. No WONDER I was a hot mess and my 36 year old body was shutting down.

Now on to the GOOD NEWS. With a MEDICALLY APPROVED food/supplement & care plan - let me stress that you MUST review your options and care plan with a doctor/physician - you CAN not only mitigate your risk but also reverse some of the issues that arise because of the MotherF*cker Gene Mutation!

Please keep in mind I AM NOT A DOCTOR, and I don’t even play one on TV (yet)… so you should ask your doctor about MTHFR. Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions and push for answers. Your health & happiness is ALL that matters. I’ve got your back. XO


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