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Will Work for Good Vibes... and Food

I just got back from LA. My friend Ira DeWitt invited me out for a few days before the Holidays. She's had a crazy successful and super random career - from being a practicing psychologist to owning/running an R&B record label, and raising 3 children, this woman never sits still! Now, as she's exiting the music biz, she decided to take on more soul-filling work. In Summer 2019 she launched Saint Candles, a modern candle company dedicated to luxury and quality of products, and made to benefit St. Jude's Children's Hospital. In their first 6 months in business they sold enough products to send St. Jude's a $25,000 check!

You cannot give what you do not have. I learned this from my mom when I was a young adult. She taught me that in order to be helpful, and to give of yourself (time, energy, money, support, love), you have to have it to give.

Often we run on empty... doing the work of the day, caring for others, and not working on caring for ourselves. If we don't practice self-care, and do things that fill our tanks, we will have nothing to give.

Being generous and giving to others actually fills my tank, however I still need to practice self-care.

As a classic case work-a-holic, I find myself running on empty when I'm working... This is why I got to double-down on self-care last week by accepting a CMO position with Saint Candles to help sky-rocket sales which will in-turn help give children with cancer a better shot of living a long healthy life. This "job" is not filling my pockets, it's filling my soul. And as a "thank you" Ira took me out for some delicious meals in LA... so my belly is also full.

Fill your soul. Fill your belly. Find good vibes, and happiness will come to you. Oh, and buy a candle, perfume or room spray! GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS!

My fave scents:

St. Christopher (musky vanilla):



St. Anthony (African Sandalwood):



**Virgin Mary - Guadalupe (OUD):


Room spray

Wishing you as full soul and belly, and lots of good vibes this Holiday Season!





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